Sexually Starved Housewife Finds Solace In A Male Escort

There are many people who enjoy being married. At the same time there are some that feel that marriage traps and denies them life’s pleasures. It is a common practice that even when you become sexually starved in your marriage, loved ones will often advocate that you be patient and the problem will somehow get sorted out. So was the case for one housewife named Irene, who was a mid-aged woman who had been married for close to 15 years. For the past few years Irene has become less and less satisfied with her husband’s sexual performance. Every time she raises this issue with her husband, he brushes it aside. She didn’t want to cheat on her husband, but she just couldn’t take it anymore. And he would never allow her to divorce him either.

After talking to her friends about her marriage’s predicaments, one of them advised her to hire an escort from https://londonxcity/escorts to please her in the way her husband couldn’t anymore. Irene had never used the escort services before, so she was so reluctant to embrace the idea at first. However, after thinking through for day about her friend’s advice, she opted to give it a try.

Her next stop was in her living room where she picked her smartphone and took to its browser. She then searched for an escort agency her friend had recommended to her. Upon finding it, she browsed through numerous male profiles that were within her budget. She finally landed one slightly built and handsome guy. She made inquiries about him, and after making some arrangements for payment, he was all hers for a limited period. His name was Joel. Knowing her husband’s work pattern, she scheduled their date the following day at 10 am in a hotel in the next town over.

The two met at the designated lodging room and Irene was ready for just about anything. The starvation in Irene did the magic of overcoming her inexperience with an escort. The duo kissed while moving towards the bed. Irene could not even remember how her clothes came off. Joel got into his pocket, grabbed his protection, and moved closer to Irene. Irene was already in bed anxiously waiting for Joel. Joel climbed on top as she spread her legs wide and up in the air. After a few thrusts, Irene was moaning in ecstasy. Irene orgasmed over and over again. Joel thrust deep inside of her wet, tight pussy. He finally came, and the two were about ready to pass out after that. Irene rested her head on his chest. Joel caressed Irene as they took a rest. After close to two minutes of absolute silence, the two started chit chatting.

As the conversation went on, Joel’s hands were busy exploring Irene’s body. The two had regained their strength, though not entirely. One thing led to the other, and the two were at it again. This time, Joel convinced Irene to get in the doggy style position. He knelt behind her and placed his left hand on her back, signaling her to make a downward curve. He then took to the driver’s seat. It was a squirt after another. Irene could not even explain the pleasure she had. Before this day, Irene could never have imagined experiencing this much pleasure. To Irene, this day was dreams come true. She was finally sexually satisfied after years of practically no satisfaction.…